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The Digital Shepherd: Online Catholic Forums

With the advent of the Internet, several very good and trustworthy Catholic forums have emerged online.  These are online communities wherein people create "posts" and are able to hold conversations.  This provides an online Catholic community that can assist the formation of your RCIA participants 24/7, at no additional financial cost to you.  These forums also help RCIA participants enter into conversations with a great diversity of Catholics, around the globe, opening them up to the catholicity of the Church.

If you have any RCIA participants who are adept at using the Internet, you may want to introduce them to the forums at the website at  The exact web address is  Upon visiting the website, you need not register to read the online conversations, but if you want to ask a question or contribute to an online conversation, simply click the Register link at the top of the website to create a free account.

There is a particular forum at the aforementioned website that may be of interest to RCIA participants.  It is named "Catholicism 101" and looks like the following:

When you click on the title of the forum (Catholicism 101), this causes you to enter the forum, and the existing posts are listed by topic.  Here is an example of what you might see:

When you click on a topic, you will then be able to view the original post and all of the replies below.  If you have registered, you will be able to post a new topic.  This would be the way that an RCIA participant would be able to ask questions or receive pastoral advice.