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Handing on the Faith Series

Handing on the FaithWe here at The Blog That's All About RCIA want to introduce you to an invaluable set of 4 DVDs that will tremendously aid each of your catechists.  These DVDs contain a series of 13 twenty-five minute discussions on the nature of catechesis... a perfect training tool for catechists within the parish R.C.I.A. process.

Each segment is very manageable at a length of only twenty-five minutes, and the content is given in a conversational setting, in bite-size pieces.  This resource takes much of what is said in the Church's General Directory for Catechesis and puts it into video, to make this rich understanding of catechesis available and accessible to the average person.

Using a variety of professionals in the field, each segment approaches catechesis from a unique angle, giving the viewer a multifaceted and beautiful vision of what it means to hand on our Catholic Faith in a meaningful way that changes lives through the power of God's grace!

Here is a list of the titles of the 13 segments:

1. Handing on the Faith Today
2. The Pedagogy of God
3. Handing on the Faith Personally
4. Handing on an Adult Faith
5. Handing on Faith Holistically
6. Handing on an Organic Faith
7. Handing on the Story of Faith
8. Handing on the Faith Scripturally
9. Handing on the Faith Prayerfully
10. Handing on the Faith Liturgically
11. Handing on the Faith Truthfully
12. Handing on the Faith Beautifully
13. Holiness-the Point of Handing on the Faith

Handing on the Faith - A Screenshot

The cost for this resource is only $30, a price well worth the wealth of catechetist training material contained within these 4 DVDs.

To purchase your copy today and have it shipped as soon as possible, click here.