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RCIA Participant's Book and USB Flash Drive

RCIA Participant's Book and USB Flash Drive, 2nd Edition

Association for Catechumenal Ministry ISBN: 978-1-933374-06-2  
Price: $69.95 ea. - Purchase Online

This one-time purchase gives you a Book and a USB flash drive with 380 beautifully designed handouts in PDF format.  The original purchaser (the parish) then has unlimited permission to reproduce these handouts.

Rather than having to continually repurchase participant materials year after year, you now only incur the cost of using your parish's copy machine.  Also, you are freed from having to follow a pre-set curriculum created by a publisher and are given the flexibility to choose the order of topics to follow that best suit the particular group of participants you have this year, right now.

Here's how you would go about using this resource:

1. Purchase the flash drive.
2. Give each participant an empty 1.5" 3-ring binder.
3. Make copies of handouts on the flash drive for your next session and 3-hole punch them.
4. At the RCIA session, give the handouts to the participants to put in their binder.
5. Slowly, over time, their binder grows in size.

The handouts included fall under various topics including: ● Doctrines ● Special Topics ● Conversion Stories ● Lives of Saints ● Psalms and Canticles ● Litanies and Prayers ● Small Group Questions

So, for example, if you were to lead a catechetical session on May 2 on the Trinity, you could print out one copy of each of the following handouts: "The Blessed Trinity" (under Doctrines), "The Sign of the Cross" (under Special Topics), "St. Athanasius" whose feast day is May 2 (under Lives of Saints), "Finding the Desire of My Heart" by Fr. Ed Fride (under Conversion Stories), and "The Blessed Trinity ~ Suggested Questions for Discussion" (under Small Group Questions).

Then, you would head over to your parish copy machine and make multiple copies of each handout before 3-hole punching them in preparation for the upcoming session.  With a little creativity, you could even put handouts from different categories on different colors of paper.  For example... Doctrines (White), Special Topics (Yellow), Conversion Stories (Blue), Lives of the Saints (Light Brown), Psalms and Canticles (Green), etc.

If an inquirer, catechumen, candidate, elect, or neophyte misses a session, you can easily slip that session's handouts in the mail or hand them to their sponsor/godparent who can hand-deliver them to their participant when they meet with them outside of the regularly scheduled RCIA sessions.

But don't just limit yourself to your parish catechumenate.  These handouts can be reproduced for adult faith formation sessions, parent meetings for parents of students in catechetical formation programs, bulletin inserts... and the list goes on.

Also, you are automatically given permission to copy the entire contents of the flash drive to your computer's hard drive for easier and faster access to the handouts.  This saves you the hassle of having to insert the flash drive into your computer each time you wish to access the contents on it.

Would you like to view some sample handouts?  Click on the title you would like to review:

Below, we have given an abbreviated list of handouts from each category.  This list is incomplete.


Aspects of Prayer
Battle of Prayer
Catholic Family
Chastity and Modesty
Christian Meaning of Suffering
Christian Meditation
Covenants of God With Us
Deposit of Faith
Deuterocanonical Books
Dignity and Vocation of Women
Divine Revelation
Does God Exist?
God's Plan of Salvation
Good Works

Special Topics

Canon Law
Canonization of Saints
Catholic Funeral
Chrism Mass
History of the Mass
Liturgical Vocabulary List
Liturgy of the Hours
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Solemnity of the Ascension
Stations of the Cross
Structure of the Bible

Psalms and Canticles

Assorted Psalms from Psalm 1-150
Canticle of Isaiah 12
Canticle of Luke 1 - The Magnificat
Canticle of Philippians 2
Canticle of Colossians 1

Litanies and Prayers

Litany of the Holy Spirit
Litany of the Most Holy Name of Jesus
Litany of the Sacred Heart
Pentecost Sequence
Eucharistic Exposition and Benediction

Lives of Saints

St. Anthony of Padua
St. Augustine of Hippo
St. Benedict of Nursia
St. Bernadette Soubirous
St. Bernard of Clairvaux
St. Charles Lwanga and Companions
St. Dominic de Gúzman
Bl. Francisco and Bl. Jacinta Marto
St. Gertrude the Great
St. Gianna Beretta Molla
St. Irenaeus of Lyons
St. Pio of Pietrelcina

Conversion Stories

Not Obligated, but Freely Choosing - Anonymous
From Bible Only Anarchy to the Adventure of Apostolic Authority - Doug Beasley
Waiting for an Invitation - Paul Bennett
In Mary's Womb - Andrea Bolster
Seeing the Love of God - Anne Foy
Joy, Freedom, and Ecstasy - Steve Ray
Ready to Accept Christ into My Life - Randy Shaw
Starving for the Eucharist - Martha Tonn

Small Group Questions

The Battle of Prayer
The Blessed Virgin Mary
The Communion of Saints
The Existence of God
Holy Orders
The Incarnation
The Mass
The Priesthood of the Faithful and Evangelization
Sacred Scripture
The Second Coming of Christ
Social Teachings of the Church
Temptation and Sin
Vocations: God's Call


› The artwork on each handout has been selected to accommodate clear and sharp photocopying of all handouts.

› Comes with extensive printed indexes and cross-reference system.

› Over 2,000 quotations and citations of Scripture (not including the Psalms handouts)

› Over 800 photographs and images used throughout the 380 handouts

›  Art and photography selected to represent the rich diversity of the Catholic faith in many cultures and many eras, from our Old Testament heritage up to the worldwide Church of modern times.

› You decide what handouts to use, when to use them, and who receives them.

› Designed for systematic and organic catechesis, covering the entire content of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, with over 650 citations.

Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur.

› No other publisher is offering their entire set of materials as copyable, and no other publisher provides all participant materials on flash drive.