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Baptism is a sacrament that is not repeated, once an individual has been validly baptized. For this reason, he or she would not be baptized again upon reception into full communion with the Church (... [ Continue Reading ]
Ever wondered how to see if the catechesis in your catechumenal process is up to par? Take a moment to see if it holds up the 8 Key Elements of Authentic Catechesis, as described below.   Key #1:... [ Continue Reading ]
The testimony of Christian living means that fellowship and love should be tangibly present from the first contact with inquirers.  Catholicism is emphatically not a "me and Jesus" form of the... [ Continue Reading ]
Book Tabs for the RCIA Association for Catechumenal Ministry  Price: $7.95 ea. - Purchase Online Much like tabs for your Bible, these tabs have been specifically designed for the United States... [ Continue Reading ]
With the advent of the Internet, several very good and trustworthy Catholic forums have emerged online.  These are online communities wherein people create "posts" and are able to hold conversations... [ Continue Reading ]
The Christian initiation process is such a fundamental activity of the parish that the pastor and RCIA leader should ensure that everything possible is done, within the available resources of the... [ Continue Reading ]
In a typical parish RCIA setting, we are given very little time to catechize in proportion to the beautiful depth of each truth of the faith. With such limited time, with so much to learn, what must... [ Continue Reading ]
Living the Mysteries: A Guide for Unfinished Christians Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina Published by Our Sunday Visitor ISBN: 1931709122 To Order by Phone: (800) 348-2440 Purchase Online Designed as a... [ Continue Reading ]
Each RCIA process encounters individuals who display problems with attendance.  Some express an initial interest but after a while attend RCIA sessions irregularly, or stop coming altogether.  Others... [ Continue Reading ]
We here at The Blog That's All About RCIA want to introduce you to an invaluable set of 4 DVDs that will tremendously aid each of your catechists.  These DVDs contain a series of 13 twenty-five... [ Continue Reading ]