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Fostering the Full Implementation of the Order of Christian Initiation


The Ecclesial Method is a method of carrying out catechesis that is rooted deeply in our Catholic tradition, which can be used effectively within the parish catechumenate. This blog entry will give... [ Continue Reading ]
Throughout the history of the Church, men and women rise to the occasion of exemplary holiness, and the Church holds up such children of God as models for holiness in our own lives as well as... [ Continue Reading ]
Download and read the PDF article titled: The Standard of Teaching: Catechesis in the RCIA Catechumenate Period to find the answer to the question: What do I teach and when should I teach it? A... [ Continue Reading ]
RCIA 38 says we are "to give the candidates a suitable explanation of the Gospel." Likewise, RCIA 42 says that before someone passes from the first period of Precatechumenate into the Catechumenate... [ Continue Reading ]


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