The Association for Catechumenal Ministry

Fostering the Full Implementation of the Order of Christian Initiation


People don’t always know a practicing Catholic when they come to faith. Finding and matching sponsors can be the slowest skill to develop in being an R.C.I.A. coordinator. Knowing “all the... [ Continue Reading ]
Here are a few suggestions for sponsors to avoid.  These are based on the common experiences of those in parish ministry: Referring to the person you are serving as a "non-Catholic" Overwhelming him/... [ Continue Reading ]
Pray for them regularly. Exchange telephone numbers and email addresses with them. To them feel at home in the RCIA setting, try to arrive for the RCIA sessions and rites before them. Ask them to... [ Continue Reading ]
RCIA Godparent and Sponsor Handbook Association for Catechumenal Ministry Barbara A. Morgan and William J. Keimig, Editors ISBN: 978-1-933374-04-8 Price: $9.95 ea. - Purchase Online This inexpensive... [ Continue Reading ]
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