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RCIA Leader's Manual

This resource provides an unparalleled comprehensive aide for RCIA leaders. This book’s all-embracing contents include, for example, how to facilitate an evangelizing and welcoming mentality in the parish, how to recruit and train RCIA teams and sponsors, discerning the signs and stages of conversion, handling annulments and issues of baptismal validity, etc.  Practical appendices contain an immense variety of useful forms, sample letters, and sample retreat formats, all copyable. [Read more]

RCIA Catechist's Manual

This beautiful spiral-bound book is designed to be a practical help to catechists by offering a structured yet highly-flexible way of preparing for and presenting the catechetical portion of Christian initiation sessions. Together with the companion Participant’s Book, this best-selling resource allows catechists to prepare thoroughly for each meeting, and to present the faith both systematically and organically. This Manual provides users with 60 session plans, with full Scripture and Catechism references, definitions of key terms participants need to know, suggestions for music and prayers, discussion questions to use at each session, and helpful supporting appendices. [Read more]

RCIA Participant's Book and USB Flash Drive

This is a one-time purchase that gives you the ability to produce unlimited copies from one book and USB flash drive, giving you hundreds of dollars of savings in the long-run!

This acclaimed resource features a content-rich, beautifully illustrated, and endlessly copyable collection of 380 handouts, all available on a convenient and compact USB flash drive.  The table of contents and index is bound together in a small saddle-stitched booklet that accompanies your USB drive.  You also have the option of copying all of the contents from the flash drive to your computer's hard drive, so you don't have to load the flash drive every time you wish to print a handout.

Browse this astounding collection of handouts on doctrine, lives of the saints, conversion testimonies, liturgical year pieces, prayers, psalms, and other topics, at home or anywhere a computer is accessible without the hassle and bulk of carrying around all the printed copies. With so many different types of handouts, leaders not only enjoy the flexibility of creating a yearly program tailored to their participants’ needs but also benefit from its unique cost-effective nature. [Read more]

RCIA Godparent & Sponsor Handbook

This inexpensive and succinct booklet provides a straightforward and practical aide to those serving as sponsors or godparents in the Christian initiation process. It is pragmatic, spiritual, down-to-earth, and easy to read. A unique feature of this fullcolor booklet is a home retreat for godparents and sponsors based on encountering Scripture through a highly-accessible form of Lectio Divina. This new resource enables parish RCIA leaders to provide a high-quality means of effectively communicating the Church’s intentions for this crucial ministry of companionship and conversion in the catechumenate. [Read more]

If you order 10 or more copies, the price is only $8.95 per handbook.


RCIA Overview Chart

Taken directly from the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults guidelines, this is a full-color fold-out chart showing the entire catechumenal process at a glance. It’s an easy-to-use reference tool ideal for training RCIA teams. This chart makes the information in the guidelines of the RCIA ritual book easy to understand. [Read more]

Bulk discounts available... Also available in Spanish!


Book Tabs for the RCIA

Specifically designed for the U.S. edition of the Vatican document entitled: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, which contains the guidelines and ritual texts for the RCIA process, these color-coded tabs help users easily find their place within the document. Mark the major divisions and rites found in the [Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults] with these forty color-coded, self-adhesive tabs. [Read More