Our goal is to empower you to fully implement the complete Order of Christian Initiation in your parish in ways that are engaging, inspiring, and life-changing. With this goal in mind, we provide the following resources for your benefit.


At the invitation of your local Ordinary, the Association for Catechetical Ministry hosts live training seminars that include leaders from the entire diocese: the bishop, parish priests, Directors of Religious Education, and parish catechists.


Manuals for RCIA leaders and catechists, handbooks for participants and sponsors, all available in English or Spanish. Each publication is the fruit of a group effort of pastors, Directors of Religious Education, and parish catechists, each with years of experience under their belts.


We provide personal one-to-one consulting. When you join the Association for Catechetical Ministry, not only do you get our resources, but you get our direct email address and our personal cell phone numbers so that you can reach out to us directly with your questions.

Free Online Content

Get free tips, expert insights from experienced RCIA directors and catechists, recommendations for helpful and inspiring tools and resources, and video content from leading catechists.