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You have taken on a great role in the Catholic Church, and we know it can be overwhelming. Get the training, resources, and support you need to stop stressing.


More Than a Video Series or Workbook

You might not have known how complex RCIA would be. Maybe you were invited to lead RCIA because you knew the Faith well. Then, you found out RCIA is not just catechetical. It is also liturgical and pastoral. You have already spent countless hours trying to understand how to balance Catechumens with Candidates for Reception into Full Communion. The great news is ACM gets it, and we are here to counsel you, advise you, and train you to be the best RCIA team member you can be.

Do you feel like you or your RCIA process is struggling with:

Comprehensive RCIA

Confidently walk with others as they learn about the beauty and truth of the Church through each aspect of their RCIA journey.

Three Aspects of the Order of Christian Initiation for Adults


We offer workshops, seminars and other educational resources to guide you in helping participants though all the accompanying rites to encounter God in a life-changing way.


We accompany you on your journey to help participants understand and embrace the Deposit of Faith in its fullness. We offer guidance and ongoing support.


We can provide you with tips and tools to gain the trust of your participants and assist them in experiencing a deeper conversion in their faith.

You Are Not Alone

For over 20 years, the ACM team has led the way in empowering parish and diocesan catechetical leaders to effectively implement the Order of Christian Initiation for Adults. We can provide you with professional guidance, accessible resources, and a community of Cathechumenal Ministry Leaders.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Thank you for these phenomenal resources. We are building RCIA from the ground up at our parish and the Catechist’s Manual and Participant’s Book are invaluable. God bless your work!
-RCIA Director

It is like coming into an oasis after several years of delivering too experiential a course that infantilized the Faith. I cannot tell you the joy of having a tool to help us deliver the riches of the Truth.
-Catechetical Leader

The materials are beautiful and very user friendly. When we handed out the manuals last night, the students flipped through them and looked like they had just walked into the best candy store in the world. Great job!
-Newman Center Director

3 Simple Steps to Your Ease of Mind


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Transform the lives of others with your new understanding and knowledge of the RCIA journey.

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We are here to guide you through the beautiful complexities of the Catholic Church in all aspects: liturgical, catechetical and pastoral. With our printable resources, training seminars, and consultations, you will be given the tools and information to effectively help your RCIA participants and parish for years to come.

We know you became a Catechetical Leader because you love serving others and want to help them develop an ever-lasting relationship with Christ. To do that, you need a solid understanding of the Catholic faith and the confidence to guide candidates and catechumens through the RCIA process. 

Most resources emphasize teaching but lack the liturgical and pastoral aspects of the process, leaving you feeling confused, overwhelmed and alone in seeking the answers as you struggle to make three different processes fit together. 

We created the Association of Catechumenal Ministry to help you. Our community of Catholic bishops, priests, and laity is here to support Catechetical Leaders from the Church’s Heart. We give you the training, resources, and ongoing support for each aspect of the Order of Christian Initiation for Adults so you can confidently guide others to Christ. 

We believe anyone with the right support system can deliver the Catholic faith more completely so others will grow in their relationship with Christ. Our resources are affordable and endlessly reproducible. 

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RCIA Catechist Manual,
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RCIA Leader's Manual

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