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Navigating through the RCIA process can be complicated and overwhelming at times. You may have a difficult time understanding all of the intricacies of the process or decipher the technical jargon. Luckily, you do not have to be an expert theologian in order to effectively communicate the beauty of the Catholic Church to your catechumens and candidates.

Fully implement the RCIA process with resources that focus on the fundamental aspects of RCIA: liturgical, catechetical, and pastoral.

You will be empowered to fully implement the Order of Christian Initiation in your parish and guide others to a lifelong relationship with Christ.

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The RCIA Journey

When getting started, developing a process for catechumens and candidates that adequately moves through the four periods of RCIA faithful to the Church’s instructions can be daunting.

We will help you develop a process that is faithful to the Church’s rites and includes all three aspects of RCIA so your participants are drawn deeper in their relationship with Christ and His Church.

The Four Periods of RCIA

The Period of the Precatechumenate and Evangelization

The Period of the Catechumenate

The Period of Purification and Enlightenment

The Period of Mystagogy and Post-Baptismal Catechesis



With seminars and training classes, you can build your own solid foundation in order to guide others successfully on their own RCIA journey.


Share Christ with Others

With ample resources including books, participant handouts, and more from our store, you can guide others with ease through the beautiful intricacies of the Church.


Join Our Supportive Community

With ACM, you are not alone as you take on the great role of being a Catechetical Leader for the Church. You will have ongoing support and can schedule 1:1 meetings with our team of experienced RCIA leaders.

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