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Question: I am thrilled that I found this website. Thank you very much! We are currently trying to begin a year round process for RCIA. I understand and love the way you explained the Inquiry time,... [ Continue Reading ]
R.C.I.A. Inquirer: "Hello, I'd like to learn more about becoming a Catholic." Parish Secretary: "Sorry sir, it's only January.  Please come back in September." This fictitious dialogue between a... [ Continue Reading ]
People don’t always know a practicing Catholic when they come to faith. Finding and matching sponsors can be the slowest skill to develop in being an R.C.I.A. coordinator. Knowing “all the... [ Continue Reading ]
This one hour presentation gives you an overall picture of the RCIA process focusing on the liturgical, catechetical and the pastoral aspects of the process. This presentation also explores the five... [ Continue Reading ]
There is an elephant in the room, and it may seem hard to move but it is best dealt with sooner rather than later.  For one thing…  it smells and there is no way to just sweep the mess under the... [ Continue Reading ]
Discernments are the important road signs on the highway of RCIA. They help the participant to reflect on where they started, where they see God calling them and where they want to be. Hopefully the... [ Continue Reading ]
The Hierarchy of Truths The Deposit of Faith - much like a house - exists according to a Hierarchy of Truths, wherein some truths are more foundational than other truths.  The latter rest upon the... [ Continue Reading ]
RCIA Is a Liturgical Process The Christian initiation process is intended to be fundamentally liturgical. Participants need and have a right to the grace that flows from the font of the Church’s... [ Continue Reading ]
Here are a few suggestions for sponsors to avoid.  These are based on the common experiences of those in parish ministry: Referring to the person you are serving as a "non-Catholic" Overwhelming him/... [ Continue Reading ]
This presentation was given by Dino Durando and Stacy Phillips from St. Joseph Catholic Church in Modesto, CA at the Diocese of Sacramento's Catechist Ministry Day on September 26, 2009 in Sacramento... [ Continue Reading ]