Liturgical Elements of the Catechumenate


Download and read the PDF article titled: Grace Elevating Nature: Liturgical Elements of the RCIA Catechumenate Period to discover the liturgical elements of the Christian initiation process.

A quote from the above article:

“The Christian initiation process is intended to be fundamentally liturgical. Participants need and have a right to the grace that flows from the font of the Church’s liturgy as it is made available to them as catechumens and candidates prior to full communion. This grace is an indispensable aid to conversion and the means by which they inter into intimate union with Christ and his Church. The steps towards this intimate union can be referred to as the major rites of the RCIA process – the gateways through which participants knowingly and freely decide to pass in their journey towards the divine consummation of the holy Eucharist. Supporting these major rites are various minor rites, some belonging to the period of the catechumenate and others to the period of purification and enlightenment.”

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